About Us

Meet The Owners!

Owners Clayton Good (Left) with wife Lilia, and Zephaniah Wristen (Right) with wife Maribel, have worked in the remodeling industry in Albuquerque New Mexico and surrounding areas for more than 35 combined years. 

Clayton was raised in Albuquerque and In 2001 he married Lilia, Zeph’s cousin. The two lived in Colorado for a few years together where Clayton developed a skill in Drywall. Eventually settling down once again in the Land of Enchantment, he remained in the industry until 2006 when he went on to learn other trades building homes from the ground up. 

In 2004 Zeph moved to Albuquerque from central Texas and married Maribel soon after. He worked with Clayton for a couple of years in the Drywall field until 2006 when he found his calling at a local bathroom remodeling company. About five years later Clayton joined up with Zeph renovating both kitchens and bathrooms together for the next four years until Zeph took up renovation designs. 

In 2016 they decided it was time to lay their own foundation. While Clayton went through rigorous schooling for his GB-98 contractors license, Zeph began paving the infrastructure, until all roads led to what is now known as South Mountain Kitchen and Bath, LLC. 

Meet The Crew!

From left to right:

Clayton Good, Jacob Good (Clayton's nephew), Orlando Campech (Family friend), Lilia Good, Alex Peralta (Clayton's brother in-law), Zephaniah Wristen

Lilia came from a background in venetian wall finishes. She enjoys helping out on the projects from time to time as well as designing projects with her eye for color. 

Alex has worked with South Mountain almost from the beginning. As a former cook he makes a mean taco, but loves using his hands in remodeling. He's very personable and is developing a great eye for detail. 

In late 2017 Orlando, who also came from the restaurant industry, joined Alex as his helper and together they make a great team.

Jacob is our newest member. Previously a heavy equipment operator, he has a natural talent for learning and his drive definitely shows his work ethic.  

We truly are a family company!

We look forward to working with you!